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Scandinavian Style In Web Design – Basic Features

Scandinavian Style In Web Design – Basic Features

Considering that technology is changing day to day. Many IT companies use bright, colorful and attractive layouts in web design to attract the attention of their audience. But, that’s not the case with Scandinavian culture. They have decided to keep their unique look and minimalistic features, and at some point, this has proven to be the best solutions. In the recent years, many studies were conducted, and researchers have determined that straightforward and organized web page, attracts more audience than the flashy one. In this article, you will have the opportunity to discover the most important aspects of Scandinavian web design.

Pages are organized

Organized and decluttered space dominates Scandinavian web design. The interface is clean, and once you enter the page, you are present only with several possibilities. There are no shiny colors or too aggressive background. You will be able to find the this that interest you in just a few seconds.

Color pallet is bright

Scandinavian people love to use neutral and bright colors; the most common ones are white, baby pink and beige. Inspired by nature and the outdoor, they applied the same design to their websites. Sometimes they like to insert floral patterns, but not something overly aggressive, the flower design is supposed to give a natural look. Colors in Scandinavian design are honest, sophisticated and straightforward.

Simplicity is the key

Over the everything comes the simplicity because the Scandinavian style is minimalistic. The same rule applies to web design. The most important elements are radical and restrictive forms and geometric abstractions. There are the common patterns you can notice in the Scandinavian web design. In this sense, their web pages look very elegant and sophisticated, which is supported with a well – functioned website.

The use of light

Winters in Scandinavian countries can be long and dark; this is why the light is so important, not only in art but also in all aspects of their lives. It is not uncommon to find the website that features natural light and its symbols. The web designers seek inspiration in light and transfer that to their pages. A significant role in web design play the shadows, and you can often find them on their web pages. They like to play with the opposite things. In this case, the opposite of the light is not the dark, but the shadow.