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Five Standard Features Of Scandinavian Interior Design

Five Standard Features Of Scandinavian Interior Design

Scandinavian culture and design have become really popular nowadays. The innovations in the interior design have spread throughout the world, and many people love to decorate in such a manner. The minimalistic design, clean and bright colors, floral patterns and decluttered space, have the ability to organize your life and the space you are living. We have decided to present you some basic features of Scandinavian interior design and help you determine whether it suits your needs.

No big carpets

Scandinavian people love light and neutral palettesNordic people don’t have the custom to put wall to wall carpets. Instead of that, they love to demonstrate the natural colors of the floors and sometimes use small rugs beside the beds bellow coffee tables. In this case, natural materials such as wood dominate the entire space and soften the minimalistic design.

The colors are light

Because of the long and dark winters, space needs to be white and welcoming. This is one of the reasons why Scandinavian people love light and neutral palettes. The entire house looks cohesive, bright and uniform. Floral patterns are often present which serve to open up space in to give it a natural look.


Scandinavian design includes a lot of wood, whether it’s the floor, furniture or the walls. They don’t use heavy timber, but instead of that, the most represented types are ash, pine, and beech. They like to keep a light theme and give the house or an apartment a natural appeal.

Clean space

Excessive furniture of cluttered space isn’t accepted in the Scandinavian style. They rooms are spacious, clean. In the recent years, the homes are built to be larger, but the idea is still the same, no clutter of the mess. This is an important aspect of Scandinavian design and interior decoration.

Scandinavian styleNo personal touch

When you enter a Scandinavian house, you will have an impression that no one lives there because you can find a personal touch. They put an accent on simple things, and less is more always. Décor is kept to a minimum, bare walls and empty space dominate their homes.